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Winter 2017: USMLE and MCAT Update

We have been receiving a lot of questions about MCAT dates and USMLE procedures.  Below are links to help guide you.  Click here for MCAT test dates, score reporting dates, and additional information.     Click here for USMLE scheduling and test date information.   COUNTDOWN TO OUR NEXT ADMISSIONS FREE SEMINAR/WEBINAR. SIGN UP BELOW! SPACE…


The current version of the MCAT will be offered through January 2015. Additional test dates have been added  to accommodate those who want to take the MCAT before the current version is discontinued.  When MCAT2015 rolls out in April 2015 (NO MCAT dates will be available in March 2015!) the AAMC will offer incentives (likely…

MCAT 2012 Dates

Do you plan to take the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) in 2012? Be aware of MCAT registration and score release dates. Remember that popular test dates and sites fill up early so don’t delay your registration!

MCAT Score Improvement

By Jessica Freedman MD, An interesting summary in Academic Medicine outlines behaviors of MCAT examinees. What I found most interesting regarding this data is that applicants identify personal study habits and taking practice exams as the two factors that have the greatest influence on score improvement. MedEdits:

MCAT Verbal Score

By Jessica Freedman MD, MedEdits Many clients ask what they can do to improve their MCAT verbal score. I have some advice from one of my clients who earned an outstanding verbal score and is also an MCAT tutor: 1) Be sure to finish the verbal section. Do not “go back” to any questions or…

Registering for the MCAT

Be sure to sign up for your MCAT spring exam date now! Here is where you can register: MCAT registration link. Visit: MedEdits MedEdits:

>When Do I Register For The MCAT?

>Recently, medical school clients have asked where they can find the deadlines to register for the MCAT. This table also provides tentative score release dates. Remember to register for your MCAT exam early and don’t wait until the deadline! Visit: MedEdits MedEdits:

>Medical School Admission Requirements: Is Change On The Horizon?

>A report released by the Association of American Medical Colleges and The Howard Hughes Medical Institute recommends significant change in the premedical curriculum. Rather than requiring students to take specific courses, the report suggests that students be proficient in a specific set of competencies. While these changes will not happen for a while, the MCAT…

>Official Guide to the MCAT from the AAMC

>The Association of American Medical Colleges has just published a guidebook to help prepare applicants for the MCAT. This guide contains actual MCAT exam questions and passages, exam taking tips and data to help you decide if retaking the exam will improve your score. Click Here to purchase from the AAMC site. Visit: Visit…

MCAT: Test Dates and Tidbits

Clients who are applying to medical school next year have been asking me when to take the MCAT. It is best to take the MCAT as early as possible assuming you are prepared. MCAT test dates for 2009: January 30 and 31 March 28 April 4, 18 and 24 May 1, 2, 22 and 28…