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Special Master’s Programs

Dr. Freedman Answers: SMP vs. MPH?

Will a Master of Public Health Degree or a Special Master’s Program help me gain admission to medical school? Dr. Freedman responds.        

No Medical School Acceptances? What Should You Be Doing Now?

Around this time of year, I receive calls from medical school applicants who are nervous; they have only received waitlist decisions or have not received any interviews. So, if you are in this position what should you do? If you are on a wait list, try and gain acceptance to that school. Consider writing a…

Narrative Medicine: What is it?

As a doctor, you listen to stories all day long. Knowing how to listen to these patient stories, or histories, takes practice and a unique skills set. I am sure you have all been to doctors who are not good listeners; they pepper you with questions to obtain a detailed history in an order with…

Post Baccalaureate Premedical Programs and Special Master’s Programs

I was speaking with a client today who is considering attending a special master’s program to enhance his academic record and help his chances of gaining admission to medical school. He asked where he could find a comprehensive list of these programs. The AAMC provides a searchable database of programs based on program type and…