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Fellowship Admissions Consulting

Fellowship Comprehensive Packages

MedEdits is invested in the success of our clients and we develop a personalized consulting strategy based on your needs. We ensure that your individuality is highlighted through your activities and that you are not “over-packaged.” A career in…

Fellowship Match Discovery Session

MedEdits assists fellowship applicants by developing a personalized plan to help you match with the program of your choice. We will discuss a time line for completion of tasks, your specialty choice, elective rotations, the number of programs to…

Fellowship Editing Packages

Your MedEdits consultant personally evaluates each document submitted to us. A member of our professional editorial staff also reviews each submission. Every MedEdits client therefore benefits from his or her consultant’s medical admissions expertise and receives a professionally edited…

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Fellowship Mock Interview Services

We have interviewed hundreds of applicants and have a behind the scenes understanding of what goes on after you interview. Through mock interviews and interview coaching, we can prepare you for interview day. Since we understand the different styles…

The Mededits Advantage

MedEdits consultants are all experienced academic medical educators who pride themselves in providing support to, and working with, students. All of our consultants have served on medical admissions committees for at least five years and have made pivotal decisions about applicants’ fates. Dr. Jessica Freedman, our company’s founder, has hand selected each consultant to ensure that he or she upholds MedEdits ideals by offering the most up to date guidance, based on knowledge and experience, with professionalism and warmth.

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