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Medical School Admissions Consulting

Med-AMCAS: Medical School Primary Application Packages

You have the passion. Medical school is your dream. You just need a little guidance. We will help you get there.

The vast majority (94%), of medical school applicants who work with MedEdits comprehensively--that is, on every piece of the admissions process–are accepted to medical school in the United States. A full 100% are accepted to osteopathic medical schools. Some of our clients have pristine records, but, many have a candidacy flaw (or two) such as a less than ideal MCAT score, poor grades, or a circuitous path to medical school. We can help smooth out the edges of your candidacy, turning your liabilities in to assets, so you shine.

Medical School Reapplicant

ARE YOU REAPPLYING TO MEDICAL SCHOOL?   CREATE A REAPPLICANT PLAN!   We understand how painful it is to be a medical school reapplicant. Every year, we work with medical school reapplicants by evaluating their previous medical school application(s) and identifying what…

Medical School Admissions Hourly Advising

Clients often start working with MedEdits by having a personalized one hour advising session; we obtain a full applicant history and then provide guidance on admissions topics of your choice and as needed. During this session, we come up with an overall Personalized Plan for your future success. You will then receive written feedback summarizing what was discussed during your session.

Whether you are years away from submitting an application or preparing to submit this summer, the best way to get started with MedEdits is by having a personalized one hour session. The majority of clients continue working with MedEdits by then choosing a comprehensive package or ongoing advising.

Medical School Personal Statement & Editing Packages

We have helped hundreds of students get admitted to medical school and a large part of this success is because of our unique essay and document coaching methodology. We review more than just your grammar and syntax. We make major suggestions regarding your content and flow. Our unique and intensive editing process allows our clients to stand out during the admissions process and helps them win interviews they might otherwise not earn.

Our team of medical admissions editors and Dr. Jessica Freedman, MedEdits founder, will transform your admissions documents so they are compelling and tell your unique story. We won’t write your documents, but, will coach you to bring out your voice and highlight your experiences.

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Medical School Interview Prep

You got the interview you wanted. Now what?

Be prepared. Be confident. Practice with us.

The interview is the most important factor in the medical school admissions process.

Practice with our former medical school admissions officers, the most experienced and established medical educators in the industry. We have helped hundreds of applicants get accepted to medical school!

The Mededits Advantage

MedEdits consultants are all experienced academic medical educators who pride themselves in providing support to, and working with, students. All of our consultants have served on medical admissions committees for at least five years and have made pivotal decisions about applicants’ fates. Dr. Jessica Freedman, our company’s founder, has hand selected each consultant to ensure that he or she upholds MedEdits ideals by offering the most up to date guidance, based on knowledge and experience, with professionalism and warmth.

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