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Residency Editing Packages

ERAS Document Editing

Your written application materials must distinguish you from other applicants and are used by residency admissions committees as a primary screening tool that determine if you are invited for an interview. Applicants are often put in the rejection pile because their documents seem mundane or ordinary. Although grades and USMLE scores speak for themselves, the personal statement and written descriptions of extracurricular activities and accomplishments are crucial. Sometimes applicants do not spotlight their accomplishments by failing to embellish and highlight them adequately. Any flaws in your background must also be presented strategically. We will thoroughly review your application and make comments and suggestions on how best to present yourself to admissions officers.

Dr. Freedman personally reviews every edit and a member of our professional editorial staff also reviews each submission. Every MedEdits client therefore benefits from his or her consultant’s medical admissions expertise and receives a professionally edited document. This offers a distinct advantage over the single review offered by competitors.

Primary Application Editing includes:

1) Personal Statement Editing (rough draft up to 850 words, includes up to three revisions)
2) Application Entry Editing (entries must adhere to character limits, includes up to three revisions)

To purchase residency editing services, please follow these steps:

Primary Application Edit ($1800)


Step 1

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Step 2

Email your documents* (including an up to date CV) to: Include your name in the subject line of the email. All documents submitted must be in Microsoft Word. We cannot edit documents with tables or pdf files. Personal statement rough drafts may be up to 700 words.

* Personal statement rough drafts may be up to 700 words. Application entries must adhere to limits set by application systems.